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The end is nigh…

March 3, 2010

I’ve been too heartsick to write anything here lately – Hughes & Hughes Books have gone into receivership, and the employees of the high street stores, of which I am one, have been laid off.  We first learned of this on Friday evening, when the receivers walked in the door…it was the same for any other staff members I’ve talked to in other shops.  The chain may or may not be bought up by i) W H Smiths ii) Easons iii) A. N. Other or iv) broken up and bought up piecemeal, depending on which rumour mill you take seriously, so the future is uncertain.  The airport shops are still running at present and I have no idea how long that can go on for – surely no publishers would be willing to sell them stock at present?  Anyway, I will blog about books I’ve been reading (and not buying) soon – right now I need to polish my CV and interview techniques!